Mooring systems and products for offshore, industry and maritime

offshore oil and gas

Offshore oil & gas

A fully integrated range of marine mooring systems, lifting and handling products, connections and moorings for the offshore industry. Swivels, shackles, chain stoppers, H-links, cable sockets and every special forged product.

offshore aeolian

Offshore renewables

The unique know-how and technology of Le Béon Manufacturing dedicated to the offshore renewable energies: A wide range of anchoring and mooring solutions specially engineered for innovative offshore projects.



Our expertise dedicated to high-tech products for the industry market: shackles, lamellar or forged hooks, special pulley systems. Unit or limited series production for free forging products.



Shackles, special hooks, chains, connectors, thimbles, purse rings and other forged gears for vessels. Since 1923, a wide range of trusted and reliable products at the service of fishing professional’s safety and performance.