For over 80 years, LE BÉON MANUFACTURING have put their experience of free forgings to the benefit of lifting & handling systems, offshore anchoring, connections, and mooring systems.Based on a know-how acquired throughout the years since 1923, the company has developed solutions that now make it a full size industrial.

Le Beon Manufacturing - Mooring systems, anchor accessories, lifting accessories

All types of steel or stainless steel
Raw material cutting up to 14 t. Ø 800 mm
Mechanical spindle press from 150 t to 2 000 t
Free forging up to 3.6 t. unit weight

Flamecutting up to 650 mm
Heat treatment up to 6 t.
Machining up to Ø 1200 mm, length 4000 mm
Load tests up to 2200 t.


To earn the respect and recognition of our clients as the global leading supplier of critical forged components for the Oil & Gas, Wind Energy and heavy industries.

oil rig mooring


To manufacture world-class products for our clients involved in any kind of offshore project and to offer the most relevant and reliable solution to help our clients succeed in their challenges to fight against the elements in shallow, deep and ultra deepwater.

mooring connectors


Health, Safety, Environment & Security are critical
Listening to our clients is crucial
Perpetual commitment to quality
Engineering and Innovation are paramount to our success
Human investment in our clients' projects through teamwork & close collaboration

Safety & environnement


LE BÉON MANUFACTURING fully intends to extend its activities based on shared values and common principles that clearly assert its ethical standards for all its businesses.

Furthermore, LE BÉON MANUFACTURING firmly respects the principles of free competition and refuses to take part in any kind of corruption. We compete fairly and ethically within the framework of applicable competition laws.

This Ethical Charter is a collective commitment that will attain its full significance as each of us takes it to heart.


symbole-lebeon SATISFYING OUR CUSTOMERS at each stage of our collaboration, with the permanent vow to manufacture quality products in strict compliance with accepted safety and environmental standards.

Thanks to our imaginative, efficient R & D department and a highly skilled and qualified workforce, we assert that the quality of our products is the principle objective of our mission.

We are committed on a daily basis and extremely determined to deliver world-class products on each continent. Client satisfaction is paramount and we do not intend to depart from this rule.

Achieving the customer’s complete satisfaction is our guiding philosophy. Consequently, we are committed to listening carefully to our clients’ requirements in order to live up to your expectations, right down to the smallest detail.

symbole-lebeon PROTECTING OUR STAFF, with particular attention to their professional fulfillment and the promotion of health and safety in our factory.

We favour united action at all levels, mutual respect, and, from a human perspective, the feeling of being part of a successful, innovative and useful project.

LE BÉON MANUFACTURING expects the company’s workforce to contribute actively to our ethics policy. We therefore require the company’s employees to adhere without any hesitation to the core values and principles expressed in this document.

This obviously requires everyone:

  • To abide by every applicable international or national legislation and industry regulation without any exception.
  • To conscientiously apply the health, safety and environment rules and regulations.
  • To watch over carefully the confidentiality of business information. This concerns not only our own confidential data but also that of our customers.
  • To make an active contribution in order to build a positive working team environment.
  • To pay particular attention to conflict of interest issues, which must be reported immediately to a Manager.

More specifically, LE BÉON MANUFACTURING stands for:

  • The principles of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The principles of the International Labour Organization
  • The Principles of the United Nations Global Compact

symbole-lebeon ENSURING THE SAFETY OF ALL OUR VISITORS (clients, suppliers, inspectors...)

When we welcome a visitor for whatever reason, all our staff exercise even more vigilance on HSE issues.

symbole-lebeon SHOWING RESPECT TO OUR SUPPLIERS through fair purchasing terms.

In return, LE BÉON MANUFACTURING expects all our suppliers to comply with the principles and behaviours described in this code without any restriction.


symbole-lebeon LBM Manufacturing history starts in 1908 as Joseph Le Béon, aged 11, entered the maritime world as ship’s apprentice. Despite very rough working conditions, he learned then the craft’s basis that he would then develop. Thanks to an unusual forceful personality, he was able to rose through the ranks quickly.

1923 : Establishment of Forge Le Beon by Joseph in a marine forging workshop at Port Louis, South Brittany in France.

After the second world war, the workshop was transferred couple of miles away, at Keroman, the fishing harbor of Lorient.

1953 : Arrival of Roger Le Béon, son of the founder. His technical knowledge (Master of Engineering, graduated 2 years in advance with top honors) and his visionary qualities have greatly impacted the destiny of the Company. Over the years, he developed various patents and permitted Le Beon Manufacturing to enter the Oil&Gas offshore mooring domain. He resigned in 2010, after 57 years involved in the development of the forge. With a great expertise and experience, he is still a valued support and asset to the Company and to his son Christophe Le Beon, the actual CEO of Le Beon Manufacturing.

In the 70’s : first projects from Le Beon regarding the mooring of rigs.


End of 80’s : Manufacturing of the world’s biggest shackle

Early 21st century : World first forged sockets manufacturer

September 2009 : Christophe le Beon (Dipl. Lawer), grand son of Joseph is appointed Chief Executive Officer. His arrival coincides with a will of perpetuating the Company and of becoming a major actor in new activities. Being involved in the world first’s floating offshore wind turbine mooring system or developing nature friendly marine anchoring are the first visible steps of this vision.

Social responsibility is an important aspect of Le Beon Manufacturing governance: as individual skills and involvement are highly recognized, the Company has put his trust in some key employees who have shown daily their motivations for progressing and improvement.

Our company is especially proud of the loyalty of our employees and their descendants who are sharing precious values like ability, professional awareness and courage. The management pays tribute to the successive generations who have worked –and will work- in LE BEON MANUFACTURING.