forged alloy steel mooring connectors, shackles...

Mooring systems, anchor accessories, lifting accessories

Founded in 1923, LE BÉON MANUFACTURING is a specialist manufacturer of forged alloy steel components, serving the offshore oil and gas, marine and heavy industries, such as the steel industry.  Our product range includes: shackles (anchor, bow, chain, end joining etc.), lifting hooks, turnbuckles, swivels, wire & fibre rope terminations (e.g. open & closed sockets), mooring connectors and all types of connectors for offshore mooring systems.
LE BÉON MANUFACTURING offers you all the benefits of our vast experience in free forging, which we put at the service of the lifting & handling sectors and of offshore mooring systems for oil rigs and other floating equipment (FPSO's, Buoys, OLT's etc.).

Through our production of forged steel components (and renowned worldwide for our customised forged sockets in particular), LE BÉON MANUFACTURING is the specialist manufacturer of terminations for wire rope, fibre rope, polypropylene rope, as well as chain.  Where you need to make a connection, LE BÉON MANUFACTURING can make you a connector !


Since 2009, LE BÉON MANUFACTURING has been diversifying its activities towards mooring systems for offshore floating wind farms and the supply of eco-friendly mooring lines for the maritime industry.

Whatever your project, LE BÉON MANUFACTURING will always proceed with the same state of mind : we will listen most attentively to your needs and give you the full benefit of our expertise.

We look forward to working with you : contact us.