Policy of risks management is based above ail on the respect of some essential values and on the implementation of good practices in regards of health and safety standards.

symbole-lebeon The person:

A change in management, compatible with an ethics of change by respecting the person, with the will to quickly reduce a number of injuries related to work.

symbole-lebeon Transparency:

Adhesion rests on confidence in the team of management, trustful itself, conditioned by the transparency in control of the actions.

symbole-lebeon Social dialogue:

Risks management can only be durable if it is based on opening and social dialogue and if it involves staff and their representatives.

symbole-lebeon The development prevention in the company rests on:

  • A support by ail functions
  • A progression in harmony with the whole of our values
  • An « a priori)} assessment of the risks re lated to works situations
  • Treatment at the source of the identified risks
  • Systematic research of the causes of any dysfunction and the implementation of actions to cure il.

This policy is developed at the operational level by the mean of a charter of safety which we ask ail to respect il.


  • To be active in the field of safety
  • To respect the safety of customer
  • To take part in actions of prevention
  • To ensure your safety and that of other
  • To thinck before acting
  • Keep the workplace clean and tidy
  • The material must be used carefully without endangering oneself
  • Ali equipments and their safety items must be maintained in a safe and good working condition.
  • To Respect and use safety materiel made available
  • To follow recommendations of safety manager.

One company has value only by the respect of the men who make it up, understand, and develop it in a safe way and thus ensure its sustainability.


Manuel HSE