The machining capacities of LE BÉON MANUFACTURING are up to your highest expectations. CNC lathing machines with a longitudinal stroke of more than 4 meters, up to Ø 1200 mm. 45 Kw/h Milling machines. Our teams of professionals,
trained to machining of special customized pieces are committed to the service of your projects. Our capacity to
elaborate single pieces is for you a guarantee of flexibility, reactivity and respect of the delivery schedule.


    • Traditional lathing machines: Useful length 1,80m to 5,00m, Ø of 0,60m to 1,30m of useful capacity.
    • CNC lathing machines: Useful length 5,00m, Ø 0.93m above the bench.
    • Milling machines: Translation 0,60m to 1,20m, Length 1,50m to 6,00m of useful capacity.
    • CNC milling machines: Maximum capacities: Table 3000 X 1000 ; Longitudinal stroke : 2000 ; Transversal stroke : 2000 ; Vertical stroke: 1000
    • Drilling stations
    • Flame cutting stations: Useful capacities for typical irons 1800mm x 1200mm - Maximum wide 600mm.


Rolling bridges:

  • Capacities: 2.5 t to 5 t
  • Height under the hook: 6,00 m.